Google Alternatives
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Google Alternatives

In my previous post Goodbye Google I posted about google shutting down "G Suite legacy free edition" and told to completely move away from other Google related products too. Here you will find a short list of alternative services you could use as replacement


A few years ago I replaced Google Chrome for Firefox, at times it may feel a little bit slower but privacy wise its much better than Google Chrome. For ad blocking I use  uBlock Origin.

Search Engine

I replaced my default search engine with

Google Analytics

On this website I use the basic free web analytics from Cloudflare, it only tracks the amount of unique visitors, pageviews and which page has been visited. On other web projects I use a self hosted version of Matomo.

Google Adsense

I stopped using google adsense a long long time ago. Nowadays I only use self hosted affiliate advertising/referral links of products that I use myself and recommend to others. I'm also using Ko-fi where people can donate a coffee if they like my content.

Gmail / Google Workspace

For replacing your email account(s) I would suggest to buy an own domain name and host your email with Tutanota, they offer privacy friendly email hosting for an affordable price. If you need more functions you could also take a look at Zoho

Google Stadia

I started using Google Stadia when it first launched, the service itself works great if you have a stable internet connection, but the way Google is treating Stadia is just bad, almost zero communication with its members and not many games to choose from.

If you use Stadia and are searching for a replacement you could take a look at Geforce NOW, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (with Xbox Cloud Gaming) or Playstation now

Cloud Hosting

For cloud hosting I'm using (affiliate link, if you use it you will receive $100 to test out their platform). I have been using for a couple of years now and used different products that all worked the way you would expect them to work at a great price.